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we offer more then just PRETTY FACES

We help you find the perfect match. We are specialized in supervising sports models for various productions, such as media, commercial and sports. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can guide and advise you to make the specific application a success.

The agency for your sports models

Model agency

In our model database we have a varied range of sports models, each specialized in their own branch of sport. In addition to just a good, representative appearance, they are experts in their own sport and they master the perfect technique(s). The right target group is attracted by the professional appearance of the models. Our sports models are selected based on their experience and/or potential.

Getting the right person for your shoot


As a casting agency, we offer customization. We think along, search, find and offer various additional options. In our extensive model database we have professional actors and models, who are a realistic representation of society. Every assignment has its own challenge and character, which is what makes our work so beautiful.

model shoots

tv shows



Grow your business


Consultancy focused on sports. Thanks to our experiences in both the (top) sport and modeling world, we are happy to offer support in the search for the perfect picture. We pay attention to factors such as appearance, personality and talent. We also offer on-site support. We act as an intermediary to create clarity in the cast. Both in the role of confidential counselor for children and parents on set or sharpening the technique for a model that has already been booked. We offer personal support for all our own models and focus on development.


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